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of high performance marketing & communication

Attract a bigger fan base.

Putting you on pole position.

Accelerate your progress.

Improving the profile, market perception and competitiveness of your “team” (your business).

Have more people know about your business and products

Influence the perceptions that your market place has about you

Be seen as an influential authority figure

Use highly persuasive communication to build your brand and educate your market

Build ‘accelerated trust’ with future customers

Present a strong brand image

Take advantage of one team which delivers all of the necessary skills required to achieve these outcomes

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Public Relations

Craig Hingston (Strategic Director) and Simon Bailey (Creative Director) have over 40 years combined experience in developing powerful communication which improves the profile of businesses (from multinational corporations to micro enterprises) and helps them to better connect with their markets and customers… leading to stronger sales performance.

Projects range from creating new brand identities to dynamic and responsive websites… from contemporary print and email sales materials to trade show displays… strategies to announce new products or launch start-ups to media campaigns… e-newsletters to advertising… captivating presentation materials to building-vehicle signage… customer case studies to rebranding products… technical copywriting to direct mail.

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The 9 P's Of An Effective Brand e-book is an overview of what I believe are the nine principles that contribute to an effective brand. It is a succinct and practical explanation for business owners wanting to grow their brands. Get your FREE e-book now...

The 9 P's Of An Effective Brand