Promise. What are you promising your customers? Not just a product or service. That other place down the road can do that. Something more. A memorable customer experience. Something that will make their life even easier. An unexpected value add. Courtesy, honesty, good advice. I’ll give you an example. I have an amazing mobile mechanic – Ricardo Raad. The first time he worked on a family car he lifted the bonnet and it was spotless inside. As clean as the day it was made. I was stunned. And, it was at no charge. I asked why and he said he was trained at Mercedes… they don’t get dirty. Look at his hands and fingernails. Not a mark of grease or grime. I don’t even ask about the price. I just know I am getting above-average care. He is someone who has worked out a promise. What other types of promises are there? Same day service. Home delivery. A courtesy car. What is it that you can promise people?