Having worked with hundreds of brands over the past 30 years I have discovered that a brand is made up of 9 parts. If you become pro-active in all 9 areas you will produce a strong hard-working brand… as opposed to the many passive, lazy brands I see every day producing very little ROI for their owners. What is a brand? Well it is definitely not the logo or name of your business. They form a part of the brand… but the true brand is EVERYTHING you do. How you answer the phone… your attitude to your customers… whether your product or service meets the customers’ needs… after sales assistance… your culture… your passion to excel… the consistent look and feel of your logo. Having said that let’s look at P #1. Personality. Create a personality which attracts people. Which makes them feel good about you and your products. Luxury car owners, luxury watch makers, Apple computers, Virgin Airlines have all mastered this. When people see your logo or hear your business name you want them to feel a certain way about you and this is influenced by personality. Selling is about emotion and logic. Appeal to peoples’ feelings. I’ll give you a quick scenario. When I say Volvo you think… safe. They’ve been building ultra-safe cars for 50 years. When I say Toyota you think… reliable. They go forever. When I say Mazda you think… quite sporty looking. When I say Kia you think… Nothing. There is a brand without a personality.