New Zealand is a very small country. I know, I’m from there. The entire population could fit into Sydney and then some more again. Which is why when I read about a NZ manufacturer taking on the world market I was very impressed. They are called Sistema Plastics.

They manufacture plastic products as the name suggests and one range they have added innovation to is the snap-lock food storage-lunchbox market. As a male I would have thought all of the good ideas were realised years ago what with Tupperware and Decor and others. But it seems Sistema Plastics has come up with a solid product because this Kiwi company is exporting to 59 countries, turning over approx. $100 million and growing at a very rapid rate. They’ve even managed to dominate the Aussie market which is not small thing considering the general attitude that Aussies have to their “cousin across the ditch”.

Can a NZ brand work overseas? The Auckland-based company has Made in New Zealand labelling on their packaging and they say the response is positive. Is brand important to their success? Manufacturing is an industry which often ignores the need for a brand as it goes in search of customers to keep their machines busy. Too often, they ignore the need to know your market, understand their needs and differentiate.

Where Sistema Plastics has been smart is that it has truly listened to what the consumers want and, unlike other manufacturers who make 1 or 2 specific items, they make entire ranges. By supporting their brand with market research and new innovations they are succeeding where others aren’t.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly