Imagine life without the Internet. Without wi-fi. Without Google. Without apps.

If it wasn’t for a few smart Aussies we might have been doing life with pen and paper and slow technology.

Did you know that in the Nineties there was a researcher called John O’Sullivan who worked at the Australian government’s scientific R&D agency, the CSIRO. He was doing experiments on atoms and black holes and came up with the math that was the foundation for modern day wi-fi.

The CSIRO patented this technology and receives royalties from the giant tech companies. They have been awarded over $470M and this figure is likely to grow to $1B and beyond.

A few years after this two brothers in Sydney, Australia had a business called Where 2 Technologies. They were working on an invention: a downloadable app from an app store. They needed seed capital to launch it so they took their idea to a few companies – one of which was Google. The pitch to Google focused on this app being web based application, rather than downloadable.

They explained that their app made us of mapping technology which not only allowed a person to see where they were, they could get directions and also get details of places or things they liked nearby. Google loved it. They bought out Where 2 Technologies and launched what we now know as Google Maps.

I don’t know about you but wi-fi and Google are at the centre of my marketing universe… so a big thanks to John and the two brothers.