Relax To The Sound Of Frying Chicken

This has to be the most ‘out of left field’ marketing I’ve seen for a while. KFC has launched a mindfulness website “KFChill”. You can choose 3 soothing sound effects to help you channel your Zen - an hour of chicken being fried, or bacon sizzling, or gravy...

We Are The Champions!

Students from Australia have won the biggest STEM competition in the world: F1inSchools Technology Challenge.

AMT Article – By Me!

AMTIL or the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Institute is the largest organisation for manufacturing (a sector dear to my heart) with many thousands of members and they produce an awesome publication, AMT.

Book #2

Another project that has been germinating for years…Accelerated Trust: The Art of Destabilisation is in its final stages of editing.

FCPM At Last!

A life time dream has become reality – with the news I received from the Australian Marketing Institute that I have been presented with the post nominal Fellow, Certified Practising Marketer.

Leaving A Legacy

Using my gifts and 30 plus years of communication expertise to promote an entity that continues changing lives into the future. I love the idea of leaving a legacy.

My First Book!

Here it is in print! My first book which captures more than three decades of brand development and brand management observations.

Franchise Marketing Workshop

Another constructive marketing workshop with a franchisee from Drug-Safe Communities. Feel very proud to be working with a team who are quite literally changing society for the better.

Simon Bailey My Partner In Crime

I've known Simon for over 17 years and we have worked together consistently on a day to day basis since 2003. Best graphic designer, brand builder, digital media designer and website developer I've ever known. Don't want to take it for granted that every day I get to...


Received news that I am now a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute. Feeling good. Time to celebrate.

Silly Putty

G-Putty, a combination of Silly Putty and graphene, has produced a sensor so sensitive that it can detect the footsteps of spiders. It could be used for future wearable health trackers.

Embrace Disruption

Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy said Australia's manufacturing sector needs to embrace opportunities offered by disruption and shift towards high value, knowledge intensive industries.

Drones For Aircraft Safety

Airbus is using drones to inspect parts on the top of their aircraft at airports...only takes 15 minutes which is 87% less time than human visual inspection.

Australian Invents Global Science Equipment

Australia to the world. NSW precision engineering company Archer has invented revolutionary scientific test equipment which is being used by all international automatic fire sprinkler system manufacturers to proof their designs.

Transport Blowout

Cost overruns of approximately $28B have been identified in transport infrastructure projects in Australia. The report by the Grattan Institute of 836 projects concluded that decisions based on politics rather than public good led to extreme levels of waste. The...

NSW Is Most Confident

Small to medium sized businesses in New South Wales are the most confident in all of Australia, according to the Sensis Business Index. Small business confidence is at its highest level in five years.

Work Injury Fine

A metal fabrication business has been fined $240,000 after a work experience student suffered partial blidness from welding without eye protection.

Not Using Social Media

Only 29% of small businesses make use of social media to connect with their customers.

Post By Drone

The world's first autonomous drone-based postal centre has begun a pilot program to determine its effectiveness. Software-controlled drones (there is no human interaction) are operating alongside self-driving vehicles to sort postage.

Aussie Kids Set Speed Record

A team of Australian high school students have set a new world speed record of less than one second, at the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge World Finals in Texas, with a compressed air-powered F1 car they designed and built.

Indoor Solar Cell

A solar cell which works indoors has been developed by an Israeli technology company.

U.S. R&D In Australia

U.S. company Ambri (formerly known as Liquid Metal Batteries) has announced it is looking to establish an R&D centre in Australia.