New Horticulture Centre

The new Horticulture Innovation Centre for Field Robotics & Intelligent Systems has been opened in Sydney to spearhead new methods of farming using autonomous equipment and robots.

3D Smart Polymers

University of Melbourne engineers have discovered how to make smart polymers with a basic 3D printer which perform a variety of functions such as removing pollutants from water and controlling water flow.

25% Of People Stressed

More than a quarter of workers feel financially stressed and only 48% feel confident about their finances according to a national study.

Industry 4.0 Is Here

According to the CSIRO's Manufacturing Flagship the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 - has started and in 15 years time 40% of the jobs we know today will not exist.

Australian Drives Itself

Australia's first autonomous self-driving car has been unveiled. It is based on the shell of a Tesla car and its makers claim its technology is 10 years ahead of other autonomous vehicles.

Australia Not Competitive

Australia is in 21st place (it was 16th in 2013) out of 40 nations in Deloitte's 2016 global manufacturing competitiveness index and is predicted to fall to 22nd by 2020.

Defence Road Map Unveiled

The Federal Government's Australian Industry Opportunity Roadmap was unveiled as a means of helping companies to get involved in the multi-billion dollar Land 400 defence program to build 225 armoured vehicles.

Niche Engineer Celebrates 25th Year

Wetherill Park - the biggest industrial business park in the Southern Hemisphere - plays host to a very diverse range of engineering and manufacturing companies and many of them are niche specialists. One such example is Earthmoving Attachment Tools which Mick Toohey...

Billionaire’s Wisdom

Billionaire businessman Raphael Geminder says the key changes which need to be made to stimulate growth in Australia are a lowering in the cost of energy, a better tax system and wage reform. "The country needs a strategy on how it can be competitive."

Ed Says Less Apprentices In Sydney

According to the Member for Chifley, Ed Husic, the number of young people in apprenticeships has fallen by 44 per cent in his electorate since 2013 and nationally the figure has dropped 10.5 per cent in the past 12 months.

7% In Manufacturing Today

One quarter of Australia's work force was engaged in manufacturing 45 years ago compared to just 7 per cent today.

Too Many Imports

An international survey has found that 83 per cent of Australians believe we are too reliant on foreign imports. However, whilst they want to see more onshore manufacturing, they are reluctant for their children to work in these jobs.

Stop Being Modest

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne wants manufacturers to drop their "modesty mindset" and focus more on looking for export opportunities. "For far too long we have hidden our light under a bushel. We make some of the best equipment and platforms in the world today."...

Tallest Timber Building

The world's tallest timber building will be constructed in Brisbane. The 52 metre high tower will feature cross laminated timber (CLT) and glue laminated timber (glulam).

Trigeneration Works

A low carbon trigeneration plant is now powering, heating and cooling Sydney Town Hall and it is producing less than half the carbon emissions of coal fired electricity generation.

Apprentice Down Turn

The number of apprentices and trainees nationwide continues to decline according to the National Centre for Vocational Edcuation Research. The number has fallen by almost 8 per cent, and the total of people starting new courses is down over 8 per cent.

Family Building Army Vehicles

A family owned manufacturing company in Melbourne has been chosen by global giant BAE Systems to build armoured vehicles for the Australian Army.

Toyota Shut Down

Toyota will shift to a purely sales distribution model in October when it shuts down its Melbourne assembly plant.

Telstra Quicker Than NBN

Telstra has launched the world's first Gigabit LTE network and in a demonstration in Sydney it downloaded data 10 times faster than the maximum a home user can reach on the NBN.

Big Truck Sales

Truck sales are off to the best start in many years with 14 per cent more vehicles sold than this time a year ago

More Manufacturing Jobs

The manufacturing work force continues to grow. Another 42,000 jobs were created over the past year. There are now 902,000 people working in this industry which is 7.6 per cent of the nation's total work force.

87% Expect Growth

The Industrial Capital Expenditure Surveys shows that funding, finding the right personnel and production costs are the most pressing issues facing manufacturers. 87% of people believe to see growth in their industry.

U.S. Coming Down Under

U.S defence manufacturer Northrop Grumman has announced it is doubling the size of its Australian operation to 1,000 workers.

Tesla Truck

Tesla has announced it is developing an electric truck which is expected to be revealed later this year.

Biggest Solar Shed

One of the largest storage sheds in the Southern Hemisphere has been erected in Melbourne - it is 500 metres long and equivalent to eight MCG's in size. THe roof houses 4,000 square metres of solar panels.