How is your business different from your competition? OK, you’re there and you are knowledgeable and full of passion. But, I can’t see that when I land on your website or drive past your place. And, if your name is – for example – John Smith Engineering and three doors down is Mark Jones Engineering Services with ABC Engineers across the road and Taylor & Sons Engineering one block away how am I going to choose you? Identify your uniqueness. It might not be what you do. I mean, if every engineering workshop has CNC machine centres that cut aluminium and steel into shapes… where’s the difference? It could be that you are focused on a niche. You only make titanium 3-part widgets for the XXX market. That’s a point of difference. If you aren’t specialised you need to compare your operation to those of your competitors and find where you stand out… or create a new process-feature-benefit to make yourself stand out. Can you do everything in 24 hours? Can you handle export markets with short lead times? Can you assemble and test products as well as make them? Can you install what you make to provide a ‘complete service’? Consider value adding. Your client wants ‘A’ but you know that your ‘A’ and ‘B’ is a much better solution for them. So, while everyone else keeps pumping out ‘A’ without thinking outside the box you can differentiate yourself as the only ‘AB’ supplier.