I believe that if you don’t take the initiative to tell the market place who you are they will come up with their own perception of you. And it might not be accurate. Quick example: you purchase a product and it breaks. You’re disappointed, it was a waste of money, and you need it to provide an outcome in your life. You’re going to have to look all over again. Perception: lousy product, lousy business. Don’t go there again. What if that company actively presented a persona of being supportive and caring about their customers? Here’s a real-life example from my life. I love Apple products. I like Apple stores. I’ve used the Genius Bar. All good. But no product is perfect and when my Macbook Pro crashed and then during a software upgrade iCloud lost some really important files I was obviously annoyed. But I gave them a 2nd chance because of my perception of them… which came from the perception they presented to me in the first place. They do it through careful messaging, careful choice of words, interacting, being innovative, being relevant. Make a list. What are all of the good things about your business? Now, put them into your marketing language. Into your everyday-speak when talking to staff, customers, suppliers, and so on. Into your advertising. Tell the market why you are special. Share your vision… your passion… your concern for them. Do you believe you are professional, trust worthy, stable and secure, reputable, innovative??? Well, tell the market.