The Cumberland Business Chamber has been operating in Sydney’s west for nearly 30 years. Like other chambers it has been “all things to all people”. The butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. I was invited to become president late last year and I applied some simple marketing logic to the brand and function of the organisation. What was their point of difference… their USP? Where could they grow and become more influential? CBC is centred on an area housing Australia’s largest industrial business estate. Thousands of businesses employing tens of thousands of people. The manufacturing sector has been “the great unwashed”… unloved by governments, unions and organisations. So I recommended that the CBC become focused on the engineering-manufacturing-supply chain sector. That it “own a niche”. Find out the needs and wants of this market and specifically address them. The upshot is that the CBC has re-designed its logo to become 3 different-sized interconnected mechanical gears (representing the large-medium-small businesses which interact with each other)… overtly industrial… and introduced a tagline The Industrial Business Chamber Of Western Sydney. All of its events are addressing challenges faced by that sector and it is engaging in local research to firmly identify with the region. This is the first time I have seen a business chamber in Sydney focus on a business sector as opposed to a geographic region.