Relax To The Sound Of Frying Chicken

This has to be the most ‘out of left field’ marketing I’ve seen for a while. KFC has launched a mindfulness website “KFChill”. You can choose 3 soothing sound effects to help you channel your Zen – an hour of chicken being fried, or bacon sizzling, or gravy simmering.

Free Ain’t Free

Only 14.2% percent of respondents to a national poll believe that free trade agreements provide opportunities for local manufacturers.

Malaysia Chooses Aussie Bus Builder

An Australian bus building company has been selected for a $170 million Malaysian electric bus project – at the same time it will build electric buses to be operated in Adelaide.

Good News For Engineering Industry

BAE Systems has announced it will be hiring 200 engineers and technicians are it prepares for the arrival of the new Joint Strike Fighter planes at Williamstown, NSW. The company makes titanium parts for the JSF and will also look after maintenance-repairs-overhauls (MRO) of the RAAF’s 72 planes.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly

Syd-Mel High Speed Train.

A private company (CLARA) has released its proposal for a $200Bn high speed train from Sydney to Melbourne which will cut the trip to 1 hour 50 minutes. They can do it without government funding and have secured almost half of the land needed for the 917km link which would take 20 years to build.

Source: ABC

3D Printed Truck Parts

The world’s biggest truck manufacturer Daimler has announced it will be 3D printing parts including spring caps, air and cable ducts, clamps and mountings after experimenting on making over 100,000 printed prototype parts.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly

A Title You Don’t Want To Receive.

McDonalds has been named the worst TV junk food advertiser of the decade when it comes to promoting their products to children. At the 2015 Fame And Shame Awards in Melbourne presented by the anti-obesity group Parent’s Voice the Golden Arches received their 10th “award” in 10 years. They picked up the Pester Power Award for a Minions-based TVC and Digital Ninja Award. Coke won the Smoke And Mirrors Award “for products which pretend to be healthier than they are”. KFC got the Foul Sport Award for sponsorship of cricket.

Source: ABC

Australia To Have 4th Major Telco?

If shareholders and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission watch dog give the thumbs-up… Australia could have a 4th major telecommunications provider that would be able to take on Telstra and Optus and Vodaphone. Vocus and M2 are planning to merge to create a $3 billion company. The boards of the two firms are unanimously recommending an all share merger deal. The companies are hoping to boost revenue as a combined firm by being able to bundle more services together for clients. If the merger goes ahead the combined company will offer retail internet, corporate internet and IP voice, wholesale internet and IP voice, data centre and cloud services and access to fibre.

Industry Meeting Industry

Haven’t mentioned here before but since September 2014 I have been president of Western Sydney’s industrial business chamber, the Cumberland Business Chamber. It’s based at Wetherill Park in the midst of the huge industrial business park. CBC was formed almost 30 years ago and this is my 2nd stint as el presidente. Have to say I’m very passionate about the chamber and its vision to represent the industrial sector and inspire-educate-equip local businesses to grow, increase profits and provide more employment. I thoroughly enjoy our members… wandering through their workshops and factories… seeing how innovative and skilled they are. So many amazing stories to tell. So many smart people. For more info go to


Win On Sunday Sell On Monday.

This has been a motor sport-car industry catch cry for as long as I can remember.

Being a total petrol head I know it worked back in the days of the fire breathing Holden Monaro, Torana GTRXU1, Ford GTHO. We’d see then win Bathurst on Sunday and want one on Monday.

Guess who has announced that it is working for them? Holden? Ford? Mercedes? Nope, Volvo. Yeah, that car made for lawn bowls players and accountants! The one without any personality. (OK, I admit, I once owned a pristine top of the range 760GLE and it was great)

Volvo entered the V8Supercars arena and I guess we all thought they’d come last every time. Then they set pole position. And again. And they won a race.

Volvo says there has been a 60% rise in sales of the S60 sedan – the model they fling around the race tracks – and they this is  directly attributable to the team’s V8 success. It started after their first race.

Source: carguide