Received news that I am now a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute. Feeling good. Time to celebrate.

Not Using Social Media

Only 29% of small businesses make use of social media to connect with their customers.

Feet On The Ground

It is imperative in marketing and communication to intimately know your market. Their challenges, desires, goals, etc. I am fortunate in that my role as president of the Cumberland Business Chamber – the industrial chamber of Western Sydney – I meet hundreds of people involved in engineering, technical roles, manufacturing, management of industrial firms. As I’m door knocking and networking to grow the chamber I ask people how they are going, what technology they use, how they have evolved, and so on. Which means that when I create material for a client I have a good understanding of what to say. I know of ad agencies who go to the pub to quiz patrons on life, the universe, and everything in it. You have to engage like this (yes, it is VERY time consuming and energy sapping) to be relevant.

14th Year At AMI

Just renewed my membership for the Australian Marketing Institute. Been a member for 14 years. This is the peak body for marketers. We have a code of conduct, we understand the latest methodologies, we seek results-based initiatives for our clients, we understand the science of how to promote. I am an Associate Member which is one level below Fellow.


If you want to see how powerful a brand can be watch the Sneakerhead documentary. There are people around the world who own hundreds of pairs of Nikes, Adidas, ASICS, Puma, etc. Not to wear. To collect. Whole rooms of their house are filled with towers of boxes. These sneaker heads go to swap meets, travel interstate, even overseas, to buy a pair of the latest sneakers. They are obsessed with sneaker culture. An amazing demonstration of the emotional pull of a brand.

Branding Gone Wrong #11

No attempt to be a market authority. You don’t just raise the profile of your brand…you should be building towards perceived dominance of your market. That is not based on the actual size of the business. But, on your understanding of the market and the market’s needs, and your ability to supply those needs better than others. Being ‘busy’ with your marketing is not going to get you anywhere. Everything you do and say has to indicate that you are the leader. (And you can grow into it)

Branding Gone Wrong #10

Not using digital marketing. We live in an online generation. Most demographics are using the Internet, social media, watching videos. Which is why businesses should use blogging, posts, v-blogging, webinars, e-newsletters, email campaigns, etc.

Branding Gone Wrong #9

Not creating follow on sales. No attempt to encourage customers to make multiple purchases or encourage them to refer the business to their acquaintances (referral based marketing).

Branding Gone Wrong #8

Not making use of third party testimonials. Case studies, testimonials, are incredibly powerful marketing mediums and very persuasive. Almost every day of my life I am creating a real-life story for a client.

Branding Gone Wrong #7

Not providing sales materials to the business development team. This might sound like nonsense but I have met companies where the sales team are very lacking in ‘tools’. Yes, we live in a visual age and we need to use a variety of mediums…but there is still a need for emailable documents, hard copy documents, presentations, etc.