The Brand Made Me Do It

Here’s a blank cheque. Now, go down to the car dealer and purchase your favourite coupe-SUV-hot hatch.

Is it a Porsche (mine would be)? BMW? Jaguar? Volvo? HSV? Honda? Whichever one you just bought a part of that reason had to do with how you feel about the brand, its status level, the feeling you are going to experience every time you slip in behind the wheel.

In other words…the brand made you do it. Which is why I recommend that your business has a proper brand strategy.

Excerpt from 9 P’s of Branding

You live your brand every day – often without knowing it. 

Do you have pride in your workmanship? Are you quick to respond to customer requests and find solutions to their needs? Do you communicate with a positive can-do attitude? Are you looking to improve or expand on your current product range? These are contributors to your brand.

Brands are emotive – they have personality. A good brand forms an emotional and psychological relationship between your business and your customers and prospects. We use a brand to form an emotional bond with people. Here’s an example. I’m giving you $50,000 to go and buy yourself a new car. Even before you finish reading this next sentence, if you are like me, you have already worked out a short list of what that car is going to be.

9 P’s of Branding

Working on a new e-book, the “9 P’s of Branding”, taken from my presentations to business owners over the past couple of years. Will be an easy-digestible overview of what branding is, how it works and why it can grow a business or keep it where it is. See if I can finish it this month.

Smartphone Ownership/Usage Increases

Smartphone ownership has risen from 37% in Australia in 2011 to 52% this year. 65% of Smartphone users say they use it EVERY day to access the Internet and 28% of those say they used it to make a purchase.

Top Aussie SEO specialist says this is the big trend in online marketing – purchasing online via Smartphone. Businesses need to make sure their web sites are re-designed for simple Smartphone usage.