I found this interesting perspective on the demise of the American business world. I certainly hope that Australia doesn’t follow suit.

I have lost count of the number of people who have told me that customer service is dead in Australia – and having been to Manila which I believe has become the global capital of customer service – I agree.  It would seem the US which once laid claim to that title has given it away and, if you believe these comments, is not in the mood to take it back.

What do you think of these comments below…


“The real problem is that American corporations which are richer and more profitable than they have ever been have become so obsessed with maximising short term profits that they are no longer investing in their future [or] their people.”

“This short  term greed is most visible in the general cultural attitude toward average employees. Employees are human beings. They devote their lives to creating value for customers, shareholders, and colleagues. And, in return, at least in theory, they share in the rewards of the value created by their team. In practice, American business culture has become so obsessed with short-term profits that employees are regarded as “costs.””

“They regard the human beings they work with – the human beings who create the value that pays their salaries – as “costs” to be reduced to create maximized earnings. “Socialist” is the label you get branded with if you suggest that the senior managers and owners of America’s corporations should share more of their vast wealth with the employees who create it.”

“There is no capitalist law that says companies have to view employees as “costs” and pay them as little as possible.”

“American corporations can afford to pay their employees better, hire more employees, and invest more in their future and the country’s future. But American corporations aren’t doing that. Instead, American corporations are choosing to divert as much of their value as possible to their owners and senior managers. American companies are choosing to impoverish their customers (employees) while skimming off as much wealth as possible for themselves.”