The results of a study by Penn State University in the US show that online shoppers are very likely to purchase a second item even though it was not the initial reason why they went to their computer, tablet or Smartphone to make the first purchase.

To prove how people act the research team created a fictitious online music store and gave their sample group of 550 people $1.50 to go and purchase a song they liked. The music was priced at 99 cents meaning they were left with 51c change.

Once they had selected their song – and it was in the process of being downloaded – a pop up appeared with a special offer. It said that for just 50c they could make sure that the song would be safely delivered to their computer. Thing is… it had already been sent and downloaded. So, the offer was useless, it had no value.

But, guess how many of the 550 people accepted the offer and ended up making 2 purchases rather than 1?

About half.

The research team presented their audience with several versions of the pop-up and when they included the consumer’s email address in it 45.3% went ahead and made the worthless purchase. In their words,

“When a customer’s information appears it further emphasizes that they are still taking part in the primary purchase.”

If you are an online retailer you should consider presenting a 2nd offer to your customers.

Source: Smartcompany