Big thanks to the NSW Business Chamber for initiating a campaign to raise the profile of small business to Federal Government. Safe to say with the revolving doors at the office of the Minister for Small Business, and the job description given to the Minister which had more to do with corporate Australia than “the little guy”, that the ALP hasn’t got a clue about how to help our community. Fortunately, Liberal philosophy is supportive of entrepreneurship and business ownership but they need to be reminded that when they get in and have to deal with the big issues (national debt, illegal immigration, NBN nobody wants, etc.) that they don’t forget us.

With the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher this week we were reminded of her right wing conservative thinking which dragged the UK kicking and screaming out of a dreadful union-dominated era into a time of prosperity and rebuilding. She was all for backing small business which included reducing payroll tax and the amount of red tape. Tony, if you are listening, take a leaf out of her book.