Latest information out regarding the world of retail marketing… and it shows for every woman out there doing the grocery shopping there is a guy doing it too. Speaking from personal experience I know my way around Coles and Woolies.

A sample of 300,000 shoppers across 5 capital cities showed that 46% were males. In Adelaide the figure for men was more than 50%.

Women still make up the majority of consumers across all retail shopping – 70% – which is what we already know. Over the past decades they have become decision makers in areas which were once “strictly male” such as new cars and barbecues.

What else did the survey discover? The 2nd Thursday evening of each month is the peak shopping time in Australia. Interesting that Thursdays started being strong because they were the first night of the week for extended trading hours long ago, and (esp. amongst the older demographic) the habit has stuck. People often plan their weekends around this time (“Who are we having over for dinner on Friday and Saturday?”). Also, welfare payments are made on Thursdays. This is some smart retailers offer pensioner discounts to coincide with their pension cycle.

Sunday is the next most popular day of the week for visiting stores. Shopping intensity drops away in the last week of each month.

Source: Smartcompany