How about $US14 billion? Is that enough?

$14B is the GDP of Iceland. It’s more than Albania, North Korea and Armenia.

So, who is intending on spending that amount of money on their brand in 2014? Samsung.

Is it working? Well consider this… during the 3rd quarter of last year Apple shipped almost 34,000,000 iPhones to its stores around the world. Samsung shipped over 88,000,000.

Another market… flat screen TV’s. On average the high profile LG “Life’s Good” brand ships approx. 8,000,000 TV’s around the world per quarter. Samsung? 11,000,000. Samsung has 21% market share v LG’s 16%.

Another global icon it is muscling in on is Intel the manufacturer of computer chips. Everyone’s heard of Intel chips… but now Samsung has worked its way up into 2nd place and who knows how long it will be before it is snapping at Intel’s heels? Samsung says that now that they are the world’s #1 in smartphones they intend to become one of the world’s most aspirational brands in a lot of different products.

Expect to see the Samsung brand placed in front of you a lot in 2014.

For those who place little value in their brand… just remember that Samsung thinks differently and is growing as a result.

Source: smartcompany