Internal communication is as important as external. I enjoy working with clients focused on both, they understand that if you don’t have “all of the passengers on the bus” it is that much harder to grow the company. So, it was with interest that I read today about a lack of communication contributing to an employee who, by the look of it, should have been terminated from their job but in fact took the employer to court and won.

In a nut shell, a person working for the Victorian Department of Human Services at a juvenile detention facility, phoned a Melbourne radio station and said that the department would be installing razor wire in order to stop inmates from escaping. The person was terminated for divulging confidential information to the media. However, the article says the department didn’t follow the dismissal procedures correctly. Included in this was a lack of communication – the person wasn’t given minutes of the meeting concerning his conduct. It just goes to show you have to worry over the detail when it comes to communication. The devil is in there, as they say.

Source: Smartcompany