Futurists say that there are a lot of micro trends around – these are the ones that are not completely visible or not all that influential yet. Macro trends are the ones which influence society and will run from 2-5 years. Then there’s mega trends which are often a collection of interlinked trends will change the way we live over 10-15 years.

What’s a big mega trend in marketing? Newism.

This won’t surprise you. Newism is a case of “I really need a new…” Car, Smartphone, lounge suite, holiday, handbag, watch. Futurists say today’s consumers have a shorter attention span and want an instant reward. A new experience. (somebody should tell customer service staff in retail!)

Are we inventing new things?! You betcha we are! The World Intellectual Property Organisation says there were 2M patents in 2011!  Think of how long a Smartphone is on the market before it is “out of date”. Just months. It can be hard to purchase computer-mobile phone technology because you know a much better version will come along very soon.