Imagine an early morning home raid by heavily armed police yelling “Pornographer!” and “Pedophile!” That’s what happened to a Buffalo man in the US when he was accused of downloading images of children. He was innocent of that crime but guilty of not protecting his wi-fi router with a password…leaving him open to unscrupulous people to piggy back his router for their means. Police eventually arrested a Neighbour. He was charged with distributing pornographic material but not of using someone else’s wi-fi. That apparently is not a crime.

Last year the FBI burst in on a Saratosa man who also had not password protected his router. Someone on a boat in the marina had used his wi-fi to download 10,000,000 porn images. Experts say hackers can also steal passwords and sensitive info when they are piggy backing a router. The Wi-Fi Alliance says 32% of people surveyed admit to accessing other people’s wi-fi networks.

In Germany the courts say it is up to the Internet user to protect their network. If someone hacks your router you will be fined $126.

Source: Associated Press