Packaging and labelling has to be 100% accurate and geniuine. Just look at what happened to the marketing arm of a vegetable oil manufacturer  which the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission claimed had produced misleading labelling on its products.

The product was labelled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “100% Olive Oil”. However, the fine print on the side of the containers revealed the product was actually 93% canola oil and 7% olive oil. The ACCC alleges this inaccurately represented the product as predominately composed of extra virgin olive oil. Asa result the company had to pay over $20,000 in fines.

The advice is this…look at what the consumer may perceive to be the case when making a representation and understand that fine print is not always sufficient to avoid being misleading, so therefore businesses can’t just rely on disclaimers.

Source: Smartcompany