Using my gifts and 30 plus years of communication expertise to promote an entity that continues changing lives into the future. I love the idea of leaving a legacy. Yes, I find every client and campaign an exciting challenge. Taking clients from where they are today to a much better place of market presence and profitability. And yet, the idea that my work today is going to become a multiplier is so appealing. Which is why I am thoroughly enjoying 2 current projects. The national launch of Drug-Safe Communities. Helping people leave a life of addiction. Seeing them and their families released to good health, unity, repaired relationships. And, LINKS2LIFE, the vision of a wonderful selfless former nurse and active community service worker, who is investing in a family contact centre in Sydney’s northwest. I know that one day as I lean on my Zimmer frame I will be able to look back with a smile and say I was there when DSC and L2L were launched and started changing lives for good. And I have been a part of the countless thousands of people they have transformed since then. Loving it.