The first word of advice is…don’t stop.

THINK LONG TERM…Don’t waste what you have already achieved! –


Often during tough times the levels of customer service drop. The mentality seems to be that if the consumer is going to spend less they don’t deserve the same degree of care as before. This is a big mistake.

We are all emotional beings. People like to be treated professionally and respected. They want the purchase to be pleasant and enjoyable and if you take good care of them there is a very real chance they will refer you on to their friends. Surprise your customers. Be the business offering more incentives and specials than anyone else. And, when they arrive to make their purchase “love on them” even more.


Consider collaborative marketing with a complementary business. It could be a dress shop combining with a shoe shop, or a car mechanic combining with a tyre business. This way you share the costs and, by combining your incentives, the consumers have a bigger reason to buy from you.

Remember, even though the amount of money being spent by consumers is less when times are tough there are still a lot of products and services that people want. Clothing, 3D TV’s, travel, cars and houses and many thousands of other items are still being being sold.