Wetherill Park – the biggest industrial business park in the Southern Hemisphere – plays host to a very diverse range of engineering and manufacturing companies and many of them are niche specialists. One such example is Earthmoving Attachment Tools which Mick Toohey has been operating for 25 years.

Mick found a need some time ago for highly specialised hydraulically operated cutting and lifting equipment for the earthmoving, excavation, stone cutting (quarrying) and rail industries.

He set about designing a range of unique products which had very specific tasks. One example was his solution for stone cutters – a series of multiple and single drive rock saws with tungsten or diamond blades which are more than a metre and a half in diameter. They are mounted on huge booms which are attached to tracked or wheeled vehicles.

The giant circular saws slice through sandstone like the proverbial hot knife through butter. They produce perfectly angled cuts which make for straight sided blocks – as used in the decorative retaining walls at the new Horsley Drive Business Park not far from his workshop.

Mick’s giant “chainsaws”, mounted on the end of long hydraulic arms, are used by the railways to ensure their tracks remain flat. Looking like a Transformer’s fighting weapon, the toothed tools are manoeuvred under the tracks and moved horizontally to level out the base material.

Mick had the courage to enter fields which no one else had attempted to fill. The word spread across Australia that someone was building industry-exclusive equipment and since then the orders have kept rolling in.

Other projects have included hydraulic and mechanical grabs, rippers, drills, fork tynes, vibrating cable ploughs and wire saws.

In order to manufacture these massive steel tools from scratch Mick has set up his workshop with hand picked equipment – lathes, borers, presses, radial drills and various welders. A few years ago he had to move to larger premises to cope with the increased workload. He and his team provide a turn-key solution – they source the raw materials to cope with extreme working conditions, cut and weld the steel components, install the hydraulic systems and take them to site.