Inject yourself into your business. Become a personality which defines your business. You don’t want to be a bland, faceless entity. Most businesses are. They are a logo… a website… a building. We are all warm blooded human beings who like to interact, have relationships, communicate. I’m not a fan of doing business with machines. They don’t think I’m special. They don’t listen to me, I have to do what they want. And, if they have a malfunction they aren’t apologetic or willing to offer me a freebie or offer to keep my loyalty. They don’t care. You don’t have to be flamboyant to be the personality of your business. A reserved, respectable, highly professional business person full of experience is a good personality. I like it when business owners put their photo on their marketing. They are exposing themselves rather than hiding in the board room. Their reputation is at stake. I like Bob Jane TMarts, Masterton Homes, Peter Warren Ford, Sir Richard Branson (Virgin). I know I’m not going to meet these people in person but they exude values and a customer-centric culture which I’m led to believe is part of their everyday culture (yes, I know, it doesn’t always work that way). They represent vision, passion, action. If the owner is too reticent to do this they can nominate a personality to take their place. I once worked with a home building company where we used a highly recognisable sports-media personality to represent them. He had reputable, professional qualities which matched those of the company. With this ‘borrowed’ personality the company raced from obscurity to market leader in just three years.