According to an article in the Australian Financial Review more and more businesses are being hacked and there was even an attempt to penetrate the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The attempted hack was unsuccessful but it highlights the fact that businesses are more vulnerable. Don’t just think that having an anti-virus agent is enough.

I learned this from a guy called Richard Grace. Over the past 20 years he has worked in highly classified, top secret roles in the banking, finance and insurance industries making sure their computer networks are impenetrable. He was one of a few people with this level of security clearance. Well, he’s left the corporate world and started up an IT business in Sydney’s north. It is called Mach5 IT Solutions. The “Mach5” refers to the big differences in network and computer speed he is able to produce after he has “cleaned up” a network. And of course more speed means more productivity meaning more income meaning more profit.

How did he get to create such an amazing brand? I created it for him. Yes, he’s a client and an amazing one at that. If you have any doubts about your network’s vulnerability I recommend that you call Richard on 0414 807 282. His website will be live very shortly but in the mean time let him carry out a non-invasive IT Health Check on your computer system (everyone can keep working, you don’t even know he’s there!). It’s usually a $399 service but as part of his Sydney wide launch it will be free of charge.