A client is worth more than the invoice they pay you. A positive ongoing relationship can lead to them passing on valuable leads to grow your client base. Acts of Random Kindness show that you care about their business and want them to succeed. Which you do. They can be as simple as introducing one of your clients to another (potential investor, supplier, motivator, distributor, customer). It could be done spasmodically over coffee or made more formal with a monthly breakfast meeting. Why not start a LinkedIn group for your clients and give them the opportunity to build relationships. Have you read a good book lately – maybe about leadership or goal setting or business development? Why not send extra copies to your clients. Do you attend business awards events? Next time buy 2 tickets and ask a client to enjoy an inspiring and motivational evening with you. In a writing mood? Ask your clients what their number one issue is in growing their business, do some research and write a blog or e-book or white paper on that subject and circulate it amongst your client base to help them overcome that barrier. Me? I’m off to an all day business growth-marketing-motivational seminar with a client.