What is a brand? More than an eye-catching logo. Much more. Your brand describes who you are, what you do and why, your integrity, spirit of excellence, point of difference, and it has a huge influence on peoples’ perceptions. A brand is the engine room of a business. It empowers and accelerates. It captures peoples’ imagination and determines how profitable you will be. Establish and manage a brand correctly and everyone will be talking about you. Misuse a brand and it becomes a costly waste with the potential to close a business. Welcome to my universe. The brand universe. Our passion.

Our responsibility is to impact your market place and encourage it to want the product or service behind your brand. With a creative-scientific approach. Bring your “race team” (business) into our “pit garage” and allow us to run a “diagnostic” – of your brand, communication methods, market perception, products and services, touch points, strengths and weaknesses, competitors, market shifts and trends. And more.

A comprehensive strategic report identifies the various solutions to increase performance, overtaking ability and endurance. To help you win. This is more than a one-off “splash ‘n dash”… Your Image Marketing & Media provides your team with ongoing marketing-strategic-creative back-up throughout the rest of “the race”. Right alongside us is our “Pit Crew” – a hand picked team we have worked with for many years with expertise in online-offline digital media design, web development, social media, search engine optimisation, trademarks, video, photography, signage, printing, packaging, point of sale.