Images of scantily clad women are being widely circulated without their knowledge through a private “men’s only” Facebook group, reigniting the debate for stricter privacy laws for social media in Australia.

Since its inception two weeks ago, “The Brocial Network” has attracted more than 8000 members. The site features hundreds of images of women in bikinis and lingerie, obtained from the personal Facebook photo albums of the members’ female friends.

A 21-year-old student who is pictured in a bikini with her friends, wasn’t aware that her photo had been circulated via the page.
“It makes me feel sick that people would go to the effort of taking [uploading] the picture and posting it up,” she said. “I just thought [the picture] would be taken as fun, not as the way that they’ve turned it around.”

She has since been inundated with random “friend” requests from men she doesn’t know.