Looking forward to speaking to a large group of tourism business (sight seeing cruises, museums, family activities, etc.) operators tomorrow night on the Central Coast. My very good friend Andrew Church, founder of the Central Coast Interactive War Exhibit, is hosting the gathering in the board room of his amazing 1,000-exhibit private military museum. Andrew is passionate about promoting the region and providing locals and visitors with memorable experiences which is why he will be proposing the establishment of a collaborative heritage trail. My part on the night is to present an overview of the definition and function of marketing and to outline my 9 P’s of Branding. These are the 9 factors I have identified over a lifetime of brand building (including my experiences during my school days when I watched my ad agency creative director father invent a myriad of brands, through my own experiences working in corporate marketing departments and contracting to ad agencies and design studios, on to my own journey at the helm of Your Image). This is a similar message to the one I presented at the launch of Andrew’s book How To Solve Your Problems Without A Superhero earlier this year.