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Think of Your Image Marketing & Media as your complete pit crew helping to put you out in front of the competition. We are a Full-Service Visual Communication agency – with more.

We take care of every stage of development, creativity and production. From the initial marketing strategy or brand building campaign to graphic design and copy writing. From digital (websites, e-newsletters, EDM, blogging) to print media (brochures, sales materials, advertising). From signage to public relations.

Your Image has boosted the horsepower of hundreds of businesses in automotive and aged care, dental and direct selling, engineering and electrical goods, fund raising and financial services, home building and hardware, IT and insurance, manufacturing and medical, property and personal care, software and sport, telecommunications and transportation.

Craig Hingston

“I launched Your Image in 1992 as the culmination of expertise gathered from having an internationally recognised graphic designer and ad’ agency Creative Director for a father, plus more than a decade of corporate marketing, advertising, (award winning) journalism and copywriting. It was a special day when I met designer and brand specialist Simon Bailey, who not only became my business partner but is a lifelong friend (and fellow Formula One fanatic!), and together we have built what is a unique team which produces the full gamut of visual communication – from strategic planning to design, copy, digital and print, signage and public relations. We have helped many businesses to grow and take market share and we are proud of our achievements.”

Craig Hingston
Founder & Strategic Director

“So, what’s with the F1 logo?”

It’s the simplified outline of a modern Formula One race car.

F1 teams rely on innovation, performance improvement, strategy and tactics to become champions. We use this analogy to describe how we strengthen your brand, improve your communication and create innovative ways of positioning you ahead of the competition.