OK, with my Liberal bias (yes, I’m a member of the party) I’m going to fire a broadside at today’s announcement that unions – the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and Maritime Workers Union – are to rally in Adelaide to demand more support for jobs in manufacturing and construction.

On the one hand they back the Gillard-Swan faction which illegitimately takes power after usurping the generally elected Prime Minister…they introduce a Socialistic era of gross mismanagement and waste, broken promises and out of control national debt; they neglect the business community at large, provide few if any incentives for business owners to invest and grow their enterprises, increase red tape, smack us with a hideous and totally unnecessary burden which they call the Carbon Dioxide Tax, make us less competitive globally and increase our cost of living, criminalise the energy/raw materials-suppliers to industry including the coal industry and aluminium smelters to the point of them shutting down, show a complete lack of understanding and empathy for small business (or is it simply a total disregard considering the fact that independent, self-motivated entrepreneurs are the antipathy of a union dominated work force?) by ignoring cries for changes to weekend penalty rates in hospitality and retail…and on the other hand they want to stand out on the street yelling and screaming that their members’ futures might be at risk.

Give me a break!!!!! Talk about narrow minded and misguided! Talk about not having a xxxxx clue!!!!!

Source: Manufacturers Monthly