Most markets (eg. retail, manufacturing, tourism) are flat and when you check the consumer confidence charts they’re at zero or below. Not good. Economist Craig James says there us a “new conservatism” regarding purchasing and also the drawn out federal election campaign is creating uncertainty. People are cautious about committing to anything when the goal posts keep moving around. The RBA has slashed interest rates to record lows and still the market treads water. I wonder if a new record low would kick start the business world. At a time like this when your competitors are in a holding pattern it is a good time to “make some noise”. There’s less “white noise” out there. And if you can come up with a message other than 50% off or Big Sale (which 99.9% of businesses seem to cling to) you have a good chance of being noticed. A good strategy is to pace yourself, get your name out now and continue to build Front Of Mind through to post-election months when confidence will hopefully creep back and with a new optimism people will begin to spend.