This has been a motor sport-car industry catch cry for as long as I can remember.

Being a total petrol head I know it worked back in the days of the fire breathing Holden Monaro, Torana GTRXU1, Ford GTHO. We’d see then win Bathurst on Sunday and want one on Monday.

Guess who has announced that it is working for them? Holden? Ford? Mercedes? Nope, Volvo. Yeah, that car made for lawn bowls players and accountants! The one without any personality. (OK, I admit, I once owned a pristine top of the range 760GLE and it was great)

Volvo entered the V8Supercars arena and I guess we all thought they’d come last every time. Then they set pole position. And again. And they won a race.

Volvo says there has been a 60% rise in sales of the S60 sedan – the model they fling around the race tracks – and they this is  directly attributable to the team’s V8 success. It started after their first race.

Source: carguide