One of my business heroes is Sir Richard Branson and on his visit to Sydney this week he offered the following tips for business building… (1) surround yourself with good people, get people with great ideas on your team, find people that are better than you at doing things… (2) delegate more, know your limits and try not to do too much yourself… (3) when you delegate and other people get it wrong that’s OK, sometimes they will stumble and sometimes they will shine, so let them go and don’t keep second guessing what they are up to… (4) it’s OK to fail as long as you get back up again, regard failure as a learning experience… (5) do better than your competitors… (6) try to promote your business for free, don’t spend a lot of money on advertising but go out “make a fool of yourself, do whatever it takes to get your message out there, get out there and market cleverly.” Very wise words. Thanks Sir Richard.